We help you identify, develop and commercialize innovatons in terms of climate change.

Innovation Area

Climate-KIC is the most prestigious network in terms of climate change in Europe. It brings together the most influential actorsin this field and aims to develop activities for which there is a real demand in both aspects of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

The Innovation area pretends to facilitate the cooperation between research centers, private entities and public authorities associated to Climate-KIC, in order to transform their knowledge and skills into activities with a positive climate impact and economically sustainable.

The video below explains how Climate-KIC manages its portfolio of projects, from conception to generating sustainable activities and actions that have an impact.


Thematic Areas

Climate-KIC Pathfinder and Innovation projects are developed within eight areas in which Climate-KIC aims to contribute significantly to the fight against climate change. These platforms are coordinated by a group of experts from the Climate-KIC community.


There are two types of projects in the innovation area. The “Pathfinder”, which pretends to identify the innovations with the most potential, and the “Innovation”, whose main goal is the setting of the most promising solutions in the market.

  • The mission of a “Pathfinder” project is to confirm the existence of an innovation opportunity. It all began with the premise that an opportunity to develop a new innovation exists but that, at the same time, there are some factors that have to be analyzed to be able to confirm its possible development (ex: if an innovative solutuin is suggested, first of all the market demand should be confirmed or the existence of barriers of some kind that block or make its commercialization difficult should be known; if an unsatisfied demand and multiple available innovations exist, there should be an evaluation of which is most appropriate). If finally the potential innovation is confirmed during the development of the project, its development and commercialization are ensured.
  • The goal of an Innovation project is to facilitate the stages following the ” Pathfinder” and therefore the development and commercialization of the product or innovative solutons. The hypothesis is the existence of an innovation opportunity already confirmed. Its impact can be direct, as with an innovation’s commercialization that has a positive effect over climatic change, or indirect, if it facilitates the implementation of other activities, services or solutions with a positive effect.


Climate-KIC Projects in the Valencian Region


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