RANK® recovers waste heat from low temperature heat sources(>80ºC) to produce electricity and heating. It is a Jaume I University SPIN-OFF (Castellón, Spain) whose research has been validated by European, National and Regional programs like 7FP, LIFE+. RANK is a fast growing company with 8  equipments running in the market and other 5 being manufactured in the first semester of 2015.


Considering a HTC 50 equipment which has an average electrical power output of 50 kWhe and an average thermal output of 460 kWht working 8000 h/year and taking the conversion value of 0.385 kg CO2 eq/kWhe and 0.2016 kg CO2 eq/kWht, energy savings for a year /equipment will be:

8000 h/ y x 50 kWhe=    400.000 kWhe/y x 0,385 kgCO2/kWhe=                154.000 kg CO2/y

8000 h/ y x 460 kWht= 3.680.000 kWht/y x 0,2016 Kg CO2/kWht=          741.888 kg CO2/y

TOTAL:  895.888 kg CO2/equip.


MONEY ATTRACTED:  Since 2011 RANK  received about 3 M € from grants and loans. RANK has recently closed an investment of > 2 M€ from a private holding.

JOBS CREATED: We have created at this moment 12 jobs and we have started to search about 30 additional jobs for our new Production Plant by 2016.

CLIMATE IMPACT: With an initial forecast of 10 equipments/day we avoid about 1,8 M CO2 tons /year


RANK® was one of the finalists of Climate-KIC Accelerator 2014 – Valencian Region


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