Sustainable land use

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Sustainable land use

Land use climate mitigation and adaptation functions strengthened through innovative tools and systems that articulate new value chains and contribute to green growth.

We will mobilise a diverse community of stakeholders to address climate impacts resulting from land use – to overcome barriers, accelerate innovation and catalyse action that leads to high climate and socioeconomic benefits.

The extensive demands on natural resources, and the interactions between land use and ecosystems services make the bio-economy sector complex in terms of sustainability. With the impact of climate change, there is a need to build resilience into food and forest supply chains, and, at the same time, drive transparency and traceability. There is a need for a coordinated approach that addresses externalities and efficiency across the value chain.

Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Land Use theme supports approaches that decarbonise agriculture, making it more efficient and productive. We foster innovation in the bio-economy that builds resilience into global food and forest value chains. We promote integrated, sustainable land use, coalescing disparate needs through partnerships and collaboration. More info here