How to tackle the financing process of start-ups, a key driver of the financial profitability of start-ups

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Madrid, 28/9/2018.- It is unquestionable the rise of new technology-based companies that are being created in recent years in our country. As a result of the economic crisis that has hit the planet in the last decade and its consequent lack of opportunities, but also due to the fourth industrial revolution through the irruption of technology, these types of companies are no longer just a professional outlet in a job market lacking opportunities, but are positioned as a new way of facing the future and providing new innovative and technological solutions to an increasingly changing society that faces new challenges, such as climate change.

But are entrepreneurs aware of the stages and financing process that these new types of companies have to deal with? How entrepreneurs finance their businesses is one of the most important decisions they will make in the course of their start-up, whether through investor-financed bootstrappingo.

The structure of their financing will be one of the key drivers of the financial profitability of each company. Being able to create solid financial and fundraising strategies are key skills for any growth-oriented company.

With EIT Climate-KIC Spain, the Spanish Centre for Innovation in Climate Change of the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), a Masterclass will take place in Madrid on 1 and 2 October, focusing on training participants with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to successfully execute their financial strategy.

Finalizing the planning of their financing process and identifying critical milestones, identifying the key financial assets needed to execute a round of financing, identifying sources of financing for the start-up especially for climate entrepreneurs, understanding the main methods of valuation of companies, knowing the key financial statements, such as the profit and loss statement and the cash flow statement, knowing the preferences of investors or being familiar with financing agreements and negotiation, are some of the objectives of this course.

The master class will be offered by Jordi Montserrat. For the past 20 years, Jordi has been actively involved in the vibrant Swiss high-tech scene, contributing to the development of innovative companies and stimulating the Swiss start-up ecosystem.

He currently runs Venturelab Ldt, a company that supports international entrepreneurs and startups on their way to creating successful businesses and raising finance, and is co-director of Venture Kick- a private donor-supported funding initiative. He also acts as a business angely member of the board of directors in different start-ups.

His expertise includes: start-up and growth of high-tech companies, start-up financing, business development, internationalisation, business start-ups and business training.

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