Can biomimicry pose a solution to our current Climate Change crisis?

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Can biomimicry pose a solution to our current Climate Change crisis?

For the purpose of the EU-funded Biomimicry for Entrepreneurs educational project, an international meeting will take place in Madrid during March 16, 17 and 18, 2017. As part of this event, an introductory biomimicry workshop will be held on March 16th from 17:30 to 20:00 that afternoon at IED Larra, as a way of putting new strategies for sustainable innovation forward.

Climate change and economic growth can be perfectly compatible, as demonstrated every year by Climate-KIC initiatives, which measure the value of a company through the indicators of money and CO2 emission reductions, workplaces creation and social impact. Climate-KIC is empowering Circular Economy, as we can see through the development of projects such as Surplus Mall, which will improve profitability rates from industrial waste. Biomimicry is one of the scientific approaches which are related to Circular Economy, as indicated in the Cotec Foundation for Innovation Review about the current situation and evaluation of the circular economy in Spain. This review brings forward and analyzes the available indicators for our current economic model, and implies the need for a radical change in our current production and consumption systems. Within this review, a specific mention to biomimicry is made. The presentation took place in the  celebration of the XI Summit of Cotec Europe, which was presided over by H.M. The King of Spain Felipe VI with the Heads of State of Italy, Mr. Sergio Mattarella, and Portugal, Mr. Marcelo Rebelo.

One of the Startups that participated in the Climate-KIC Accelerator 2015 programme, Biomival, is biomimicry-related, and associated to Biomimicry Iberia, a non-profit organization and the regional affiliate of the growing Biomimicry Global Network and the European Biomimicry Alliance. The relation with Climate change is strong through its own definition (Cotec Review):

“In the late 1990s, J. Benyus introduced the concept of biomimicry, which has since been used primarily in architecture. Biomimicry is inspired by nature following some basic principles: Nature as a model to emulate forms and processes, and understand that a cycle can not be linear in an infinite way. Nature as a precept, taking advantage of natural processes as guidelines to base on them some standards of economic and social management”.

Now, the founder of Biomival alongside 8 more individuals involved in biomimicry will be presenting these biomimicry principles during a workshop in Madrid the next 16th of March, at the Istituto Europeo di Design.

Taller Madrid 17 marzo

This Introductory workshop on BIOMIMICRY, taught in English, will let us imagine learning from Nature to obtain innovative, sustainable, regenerative and efficient solutions in sectors such as transport, energy, architecture, packaging and even communication, management and education. During the workshop, participants will also learn about the incredible strategies and solutions that Nature uses to dominate movement, energy, water, and efficient design, discovering beautiful solutions for many human areas. The main goal is to inspire people to transfer Nature’s way of doing to our own ways of thinking and working. All these great ideas can be useful to build a new model for your next innovation if you work as an engineer, architect, designer or manager in strategy for your companies. Schedule:

17:30: Reception and registration of attendees.

18:00: Introduction to Biomimicry, BIA & BfE project.

18:15: Workshop.

20:30: Consultations. Doubts. End of the workshop.


More information about the Biomimicry Workshop at this link

Nature teaches us!

The Biomimicry Workshop gives you the opportunity to know Biomimicry experts from USA, UK, The Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal and Spain who will accompany us through a unique experience which you will never forget.


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